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Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education

Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
(An Autonomous Body of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India)

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Recommendations of National Conference on Conservation, Improvement and sustainable use of medicinal plants and non-wood forest products, 8-9 March, 2011 at IFP 


Recommendations of workshop-Forest Genetic Resources Management Network (FGRMN) held at Coimbatore during 9-10 March 2011 


International Conference and Exhibition on the Art and Joy of Wood to be held during 19-22 Oct, 2011 at Bangalore


Minutes of the meeting "Review of Research" held under the chairmanship of DG, ICFRE with Directors

Note on wood users interactive meet and product exhibition on 23rd & 24th March, 2011 at IWST, Bangalore

Rain Forest Research Institute awarded for the implementation of the advanced

Hindi workshop held at ICFRE, Dehra Dun  on 27th April, 2011

Guidelines for Dissemination of Research Related Information

ICFRE accredited by UNFCCC as Certification body for Clean Development Mechanism Projects

Brainstorming Workshop on the Baseline Study. 29-30 September, 2010 at ICFRE, Dehradun

Consultative Workshop on Strategies for Formulation of Forest Genetic Resources Management Network (FGRMN), March 9 - 10, 2011 at IFGTB, Coimbatore

ICFRE Guidelines for conducting RAG Meetings

Presentations of RAG Meeting

Research Advisory Group Meeting 2010

Buyer-Seller Meet under Samudai Adharit Samanvit Van Prabandhan Evam Sanrakshan Yojna (Bihar Project)

Approved Grants for Forestry Education for 2010-11

Visit of the team of UK Forestry Commission at ICFRE, Dehra Dun

ICFRE Participation in XXIII IUFRO World Forestry Congress, Seoul, South Korea (23-28 August, 2010)

Training courses on 'Climate Change and Carbon Mitigation'  Announcement:   Training Programme on Climate Change and Carbon Mitigation 6-10 Sept. 2010:  Training Programme on Climate Change and Carbon Mitigation 4-8 October, 2010Training Calendar

Director General's visit to Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi, 8-9 September, 2010

NABARD Meeting at Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat

Postponement of 1st Indian Forestry Congress, 2010 to September/ October 2011

Report of Workshop on "Conservation and Management of Forest Genetic Resources" held at IFGTB, Coimbatore during 5-9 July, 2010




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