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Institute of Wood Science and Technology Bangalore

Iwst Bangalore

Institute of Wood Science & Technology (IWST), Bangalore, one of the institutes of Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) was established in 1988. Earlier, the then Government of Mysore had set up a Forest Research Laboratory (FRL) at Bangalore in 1938. In the initial years, work was carried out mainly on properties and uses of different timber species, essential oils, other non-wood forest products and protection of wood and trees from pests and diseases. In 1956, this laboratory was organized as a regional centre of Forest Research Institute and Colleges, Dehra Dun. In 1977, Sandal Research Centre was set up to undertake research on wide-ranging aspects of genetics, silviculture and management of sandal.

In 1988, forestry research in India was reorganized with the setting up of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) and Forest Research Laboratory was upgraded and named as Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) merging with Sandal Research Centre and Minor Forest Products Unit.

The mandate of the institute is to conduct research on Wood Science at the national level and at the regional level, it focuses on studies related to problems in forestry sector and varied research needs of the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. The Institute has now widened its research activities to the field of tree improvement and wood energy in addition to conventional wood sciences. This institute has also been widely recognized as the center for advanced studies in areas of 1) Improved utilization of wood 2) Mangrove and coastal ecology and 3) Research on sandal.

Director's Message

Dr.T.S. Rathore

Director, IWST Bangalore

Wood is Good.  This goodness in wood emanates from its inherent qualities – natural, diverse, renewable and biodegradable.  More so, it locks carbon, it demands very less energy for its manipulation and is amenable for industrialization.  All these make wood the best among the materials available in the present world.  The Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) proudly strives to promote this wonderful material – ‘Wood’.

IWST, Bangalore, under the auspices of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehradun, caters to the forestry research needs of Forest Departments, wood based industries, academicians, farmers and other stakeholders.

The thrust areas of research include Timber Utilization and Processing, Wood Polymer Composites, Chemistry of Forest Products, Energy from Biomass, Growing Quality Trees, Forest Entomology and Pathology and Marine Wood Bio-deterioration. The Institute is dedicated to bring about scientific advancements and technological enhancements in the field of wood and forestry sciences which are important in the present scenario of climate change. 

The institute continuously strives to fulfill its mission to generate, preserve, disseminate and advance knowledge, technologies and solutions for addressing issues arising out of interaction between people, forests and environment on a sustained basis through research, education and extension

The vision of the Institute is well focused and it aims to attain excellence in forestry and wood science research for generation of desired resource values, uses, products and services in a way that sustains diversity and productivity in an eco-friendly regime.

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Dr. T.S. Rathore

Director, IWST, Bangalore

+91-80 - 23341731

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For more information visit : http://iwst.icfre.gov.in


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