Forest Research Centre for Eco-Rehabilitation (FRC-ER), Allahabad was established in October 1992 as an advanced Centre under the umbrella of ICFRE, Dehradun. Presently, it is a centre of Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun. The Centre aims to nurture and cultivate professional excellence in the field of social forestry and Eco-rehabilitation in the state of Uttar Pradesh.



1- To undertake focused research on rehabil-itation of degraded ecosystems and difficult /stress sites and promotion of Agro-forestry.

2- To disseminate available technologies/processes/tools to user groups for conservation and sustainable use of forest resources.

3- To support the lead institute in research education and extension in the area of jurisdiction.


Core Research Areas:

The centre aims to nurture and cultivate professional excellence in the field of social forestry and eco-rehabilitation in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Thrust Areas:

1- Development of suitable technological packages for afforestation of stress sites.

2- Development and demonstration of site-specific social, farm and agro forestry models to ensure enhanced and sustained productivity.

3- Identification, selection, demarcation and management of seed stands/seed production areas of priority tree species for qualitatively improved seeds for plantation.

4- Development of seedling seed orchards and clonal seed orchards of priority tree species as a source of improved planting stock.

5- Development of suitable biological control measures to control insects, pests and diseases.

6- Standardization of nursery techniques of priority tree and NTFP species with reference to root trainers, potting media, schedule of irrigation and application of fertilizer, VAM, etc.

7- Development of suitable techniques for seed collection, storage, treatment and testing (for viability and germination etc.).

8- Development of growth and yield models for priority species.

9- Multilocational traits of multipurpose indigenous and exotic tree species to study their suitability to different areas/sites.

10- To conduct socio-economic surveys of the region for sustainable forest management and to develop suitable social and agro forestry models

11- To carry out research on silviculture and management of priority tree species including NTFP plants.

12- Development of suitable technological packages for restoration of degraded forests

13- Investigations of cause(s) for drying up of important species and development of suitable measures to control it.

14- Research related to plantation management of priority tree species. Development and strengthening of research extension linkages to disseminate the research results in a user-friendly way to end-users.

15- Survey, collection and documentation of traditional / indigenous knowledge.

16- Resource survey of rare and endangered plant of the region and development of their conservation measure


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