Encompassing the picturesque eastern Himalayas in Sikkim and North Bengal, the fertile alluvial expanse of indo-gangetic plains in Bihar and West Bengal, deltaic and coastal mangroves of the world famous Sunderbans, a pocket of Terai Sal forest in the north west corner of Bihar and tropical deciduous forests of Kaimur and Chotanagpur plateau overlaying rich and enticing mineral resources within its jurisdiction, the Institute of Forest Productivity is a premier forestry research organization catering to the forestry research needs of eastern India.



1- Eco-restoration of degraded lands and mines

2- Research on NWFP including Lac and Tasar cultivation

3- Addressing social and livelihood issues pertaining to forestry particularly for tribal and indigenous groups


Core Research Areas:

1- Ecological reclamation of mined overburdens and stressed sites.

2- NTFPs and cash crops of forest origin including Lac and Tasar.

3- Development of agro-forestry models suitable for different agro-climatic zones and cropping patterns in eastern India.

4- Community based natural resources management and Documentation of indigenous traditional knowledge


Geographical Jurisdiction:

1- Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

2- More than 42,000 Km2 forest area.

3- Six agro-ecological zones.

4- Six main forest types.


Key Achievements: (Click on link to view detail)

1-  Research

2-  Extension

3-  Education


Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects


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